Tired of empty promises for "Top Google Rankings" and Online Advertising Solutions that simply don't work?
With over 4 years in the making and backed by a mountain of real Canadian market research, we have one of the most innovative ways of driving you new customers in the market! Here are the highlights of our amazing, 3-step system:

Step 1 - The Interview

You’re the superstar! Our Edmonton, Alberta & Canadian based internet marketing and branding experts ask you important questions about what makes your business tick. Every business has a story, and we want to know how to market yours.

Step 2 - The AdvertiSITE™

Not your fathers website and exclusive to flexLOCAL™. Your AdvertiSITE™ is a hi-tech, lead generation masterpiece that our HUMAN internet marketing experts design, test, and optimize to convert the maximum of website clicks to customers.

Step 3 - The Campaign

We create, monitor, and optimize a laser targeted marketing campaign that puts you front and center for qualified web prospects. Plus, use your personlized flexLOCAL™ Reporting Dashboard to check in on campaign performance 24/7!

Why Choose flexLOCAL™?

There's no shortage of web based companies promising big results on Google. Why Choose us?

We are Transparent.

Don’t be left in the dark about where your visitors & customers come from - we work alongside YOU to get MAXIMUM results.

We are Scalable.

We can grow along side you! After all, we are a GOOGLE partner with 2 clients showcased in Canada wide case studies!

We Grew up on the web.

We are NOT a print company or a communications company looking to cash in on the web’s small business customers!

We are Local.

Meaning we're just like you. We know the struggles you face and have the experience to help you succeed!

Who does flexLOCAL™ work for?

Contractors, professionals, artists...the list goes on. Here's just a few of our customers below:

And what do they have to say?

  • As a small business I'm looking for help with my web site, getting noticed and heard of is one of the hardest problems to over come. With Adster they don't just help you they take the time to teach you about the web site and what needs to happen in order for it to be successful... I am very excited for what Adster has done for myself in the past few months and looking forward to our many years working together..
    Kyle Handy - Oilfield Support
  • I get 80% of all new business due to my website optimization and online presence, and without question this is all thanks to Adster. Dave and Andrew are super easy to work with, and are always providing personalized solutions to help Parabola grow and thrive.
    Troy Hrushka - Contractor
  • ...(they) really know their business…and more importantly, they really know how to communicate what they do and how that will benefit businesses. Over the years we have been approached by many internet marketing and SEO gurus, however none had successfully demonstrated to us the value that marketing in this manner could bring to our practice. We look forward to continuing to work together for a long time to come.
    Jason Des - Financial Professional
  • Kickstart
  • Get online for less
  • 3-5 Leads Per Month
  • + Show features
    • Modest Media Spend
    • Small / Entry Level Market
    • Low Competition
  • Elite
  • Maximum Leads for less
  • 10+ Leads Per Month
  • + Show features
    • Accerated Media Spend
    • Medium to Large Cities / Markets
    • High level competition

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